Casa O Real appears at History books as a landmark of Ancient Roman Road. It was a meeting point for pilgrims who used to meet in an old tavern, from which there are no remains.

It’s a very important place for the ones who have been raised in here. We have grown surrounded by women who have lived extraordinary lives. We have had the chance to see them laughing, enjoying, fighting and also surviving heir daily fieldwork. These women, mothers, sisters, grandmothers; who have been unfairly forgotten, are the real leading roles. We want to honor them and to keep their memory alive.

We can feel these women’s presence at each corner of the house. We can find details that let us imagine how their lives should have been. Every room, every corner from O real keeps a piece of these stories, names and memories.

We were born from them. We grown up with them. We learnt from them. Nowadays, we work to offer you a place where rest and disconnection are main goals. Besides, by discovering all these stories, guests can join the pieces together in order to complete the puzzle of this place, which is in the very heart of Galicia.