Festa do queixo

Cheese and music all in one
Early March Arzúa

Cheese and music all in one. It’s celebrated at the beginning of March. Every year Festa do queixo is one of the most important events in Arzúa. This happening highlights not only for promoting a great quality gastronomic product, but also for all cultural activities that are celebrating; such as musical concerts.
O real is 10 minutes faraway from Arzúa, so it’s perfect to rest after an enjoyable and excited day.


Agricultural and ecological fair
End of March Boimorto

Farming and ecological exhibition that is celebrated at the end of March in Boimorto.
It is popularity and importance increases year by year, since this fairy joints agricultural machines and ecological products.

Festival de la luz

One of the most important festivals in Galicia
Early September Boimorto

This musical event is celebrated at September in Boimorto and it is on of the most important ones. Festival de la Luz is located in a rural environment in the very heart of Galicia. It is an event that has been designed for any audience from kids to elder people.
We are very close to its location point. That is the reason why many people chose us to stay year by year.